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Monday to Friday
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Getting Started

Welcome to Killgerm Training!

We offer a range of courses tailored to your needs, whether you’re looking to attend in-person at one of our venues or participate in online training. Below you’ll find information on how to navigate and access our courses.


Find Pest Control Training Courses

Find a local course that fits your schedule, Reserve your place, pay online, and attend your reserved course at your chosen venue. To view all available course and venues, click the button below.


Enrol in Online Pest Control Courses

If no local courses are available, register for our flexible online Killgerm courses and learn pest control techniques comfortably from your home. Click below for more details on how to get started.

Online Courses

Online Payments and Access Your Account

After reserving your spot, please complete your payment online. Your account will typically be activated within 10-30 minutes after payment is processed. For information on creating company or delegate accounts, see the next section. To log in to your account, click the button below.

My Account

Training and Request Your Assessment

Complete your training and request the assessment for your selected pest control course to obtain your certification. If you have any questions, our training team is ready to assist you. Simply click the button below for support.

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For Individual Participants and Delegates Paid by a Company:

  • My Account and Login: We recommend individual delegates should use the same email for registration and billing. If you have already created an account you may log in here.
  • Access Training: From ‘My Account’ please navigate to the My Online Courses menu to begin your training.
  • Download Course Materials: Essential for following along with the video lessons.
  • Video Lessons: Videos must be watched completely before moving on to the quizzes or the next lesson.
  • Quiz Information: Quizzes are designed to aid learning and are not formal exams. If you get stuck on any quiz, please click on the view results button and check what you got incorrect after that, restart the quiz and try again.
  • Access Duration: Video lessons are available for 1 month.
  • Complete Assessment: Click “REQUEST ASSESSMENT” after completing the last lesson.

For Companies:

  • Booking Instructions:  Please use delegates’  emails for reservation or online course registration and company emails for billing at checkout. 
  • Log In to View Orders: Access your account here to manage your orders.
  • Delegate Bookings: From your Account click on the ‘My Orders’ menu to manage bookings for delegates.
  • Delegate Course Access: Course access is assigned directly to the delegate’s personal email provided during the registration process.

Refresher Course Information

  • CPD Points: Complete the lessons and submit the “REQUST CERTIFICATION AND CPD POINTS” form with your BASIS or BPCA membership number to receive CPD points.

General Information